Ages 11-18 (June-July)

This UK-based programme is aimed at students who wish to see what life is like for their British contemporaries by taking part in their lessons and joining in with recreational and sports activities as well as leisure time throughout the day (full integration). Accommodation is provided by selected host families based near the school for full linguistic and cultural immersion. The destination, selected by local operators to suit the students/group travelling, will be communicated after registration.


Personalised part-time and intensive study programmes in the UK, US and Canada. For further information and a quotation, contact us here.


We offer personalised support for your children’s school studies. Our native English-speaking teachers will check which areas they are struggling with at school and support them. We provide a good study method with a framework and fundamental points both for grammar and the specific literature or English subjects relevant to the curriculum being followed.


We offer an accurate translation service to and from English and several other languages using qualified linguistic experts from various sectors. We also offer certified translations. We can provide a non-binding quotation at no cost and handle urgent requests.


We have partnered with the Easy Welfare scheme, a service offered to adhering companies that allows employees to benefit from extremely advantageous vouchers for the use of different services. In our case, vouchers can be used to pay for language courses and translations.